Father Bishoy Mikhail


Father Bishoy Mikhail was born in Cairo, Egypt to God-loving parents, who educated and raised him according to the church disciplines. He loved to serve the Lord from a very young age. After graduating from medical school in 1972, he received a dual degree in Internal Medicine and Pediatrics. In June of 1981, he was ordained as a priest for St. Mary Church of Rod-El-Farag by His Holiness Pope Shenouda III. He was then appointed to serve his now beloved church of St. Mary in Pittsburgh, PA in 1987. God has granted him many gifts and has blessed his service to extend to several additional states, where he has helped establish new churches in Ohio, West Virginia, and Kentucky. On September 1st, 2003, he was elevated to the priestly rank of hegumen. His dedication to serve God with love and great energy is undeniable. His kindness and humility has touched so many lives, and we have been blessed to have Fr. Bishoy as our spiritual leader in Kentucky since 2004. We pray that God continues to bless him and his extraordinary service for many more years to come.